Smart City Platform Operating Service Provider

As domestic-leading Soft AI application technology service provider,using new international information technology, SIIC-Longchuang has explored the innovation and development of IOT technology,cloud,bigdata,etc. Using smart AIOT、Edge Computing and SaaS application, SIIC-Longchuang provides all kinds of smart energy solutions for cities. 

Based on Shanghai and radiated nationwide,SIIC-Longchuang relies on the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of SIIC Group to realize energy conservation for customers with innovative green technology,provide solutions for the whole city,and continue to be committed to the susutainable development of smart cities in China.


1999 - 2018 SIIC-LongChuang Events TO BE CONTINUE

  • Mr. Cao Wenlong founded Shanghai Longchuang Automatic Control System Co., Ltd.


  • Enter building intelligence and building energy saving system


  • Establish a five-year development strategy and enter a period of rapid development


  • Completed the Shanghai World Expo, Hongqiao Airport, and other projects, and achieved great success.


  • Completed the financing share reform and changed its name to Shanghai Longchuang Energy Saving System Co., Ltd.


  • New cloud computing, big data time energy efficiency management platform came out, writing the era of building energy efficiency


  • Transformation and upgrading become the industry leader to open a new future for smart cities


  • Industrial application of artificial intelligence



The background of SSLC's state-owned assets is very focused on creating a positive and enterprising corporate culture, forming a unique mixed-ownership corporate culture, rapid development, and people-oriented. The enterprise spirit of “building first-class talents, providing first-class services, and creating first-class benefits” has provided a strong cultural impetus for the development of the company and laid a solid foundation.

  • Strengthen our customers - enhance their competitiveness
  • Driving innovation - shaping the future
  • Enhance company value - expand new opportunities
  • Fully empower employees - create first-class performance

Management Team

Long-term service company | Top 500, state-owned, joint venture management experience | Execution and creativity


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